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Это продолжение культовой гоночной игры Need for Speed: Underground, но с внесенными в оригинал некоторыми доработками, добавлениями и сюрпризами. То есть суть игры осталась прежней, а вот некоторые нюансы добавляют ей привлекательности в глазах геймеров.

Need for Speed Underground 2 Reviews - Playstation 2

The Need for Speed goes back underground, to add more customization and role-playing-styled challenges to the long-running racing series. Need for Speed: Underground 2 review - ColourShed Don't forget to check out other reviews, subscribe, and like on Facebook! Facebook page - Need for Speed: Underground 2 review Platform: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Gameboy Advance… Need For Speed: Rivals Review After the Need for Speed Underground series was a breakout hit in the PS2 era, and its follow up games continued with the same general level of critical and commercial success, the series lost the magic somewhere in the transition to the HD…

How to Set Best Drift Tuning in Need for Speed: Underground 2. This is best tuning for your car in Need for Speed : Underground 2, actually in Drift Race ...

The most recent game, Need for Speed Payback, was released in 2017. Need for Speed Underground 2 Reviews - Playstation 2 The summary of review scores shows the distribution of scores given by the professional reviewers for Need for Speed Underground 2. Column height indicates the number of reviews with a score within the range shown at the bottom of the… Need for Speed: Underground (Video Game) - TV Tropes Need for Speed: Underground is a sub-series of Electronic Arts's Need for Speed franchise developed by EA Black Box. Consisting of the titular first game in … Need for Speed Underground 2 Download (2004 Simulation Game)

How to Drift in Need for Speed Underground 2: 9 Steps

What is the fastest car on underground 2? - Need for